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纯设计使装修客户消费更透明,更科学。单看设计需要取费似乎让客户多花钱了,实际上,综合下来,按照装修的整个工程项目,专业的设计可以让客户省掉很多费用,远远超过设计费很多倍。如果客户有施工队资源, 纯设计机构会安排技术指导,后期跟踪,保证设计效果的实现,对于纯设计机构来讲,最终的效果完美呈现也是他们最期望的,因为每个设计作品对于设计师来讲就像他们的孩子,尤其是对于纯设计的设计师。如果客户没有施工队资源,不用担心,纯设计机构都有筛选过信用和施工都很好的施工合作伙伴。
What is Design Consultation?
Design Consultation makes the expenditure of renovation clients more transparent and scientific. At first glance, it may seem like design fees will make clients spend more money, but in reality, when you consider the entire construction project, professional design can save clients a lot of expenses, far exceeding the design fees by many times. If clients have their own construction team resources, design consultancy will arrange technical guidance and follow-up to ensure the realization of the design effect. For design consultant, the perfect presentation of the final result is also what they most hope for because each design work is like their child, especially for designers. If clients don't have their own construction team resources, there is no need to worry because design consultant have construction partners with reliable services and performance.
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