Boo's Cave |  侘寂  
Located in Sunway Geo Avenue, Boo’s Cave is a nail salon with a difference. The large 1,386 sq ft space has a calming ambience inspired by caves and mushroom-shaped houses. Design cues were taken from organic, free-form shapes for customers to discover and the staff to feel cosy in their workplace. 

Originally comprised of only two shop lots, the client bought an extra one to expand the saloon. Its journey begins with a waiting area and manicure station flowing into the pedicure station and, finally a display space and classroom. Deliberate details were repeated throughout to evoke a cosy effect: archways swell with gentle parabolas, vinyl wood flooring is practical yet comfortable underfoot and textured wall finishings in off-white have a wabi-sabi feel. In all three units, the unsightly DB box was covered with a cabinet for a seamless visual experience and extra storage. 

In the first section, soft shapes add visual and sensory ease. Clients wait for their treatment on a generously curved sofa or a sinuous built-in bench with allowance for potted plants. Manicure stations sport furniture in natural materials like blonde wood and rattan webbing. 

Moving onto the pedicure station, where well-stuffed chairs ensure customers are lulled into a gentle reverie while they enjoy being pampered. These chairs rest on top of uplit plinths with rounded corners similarly shaped sinks, and brass finish taps. 

A cute circle window offers a glimpse into the final section, where great care was taken in the detailing here to achieve a refined finish - from the steel frame sliding door with reeded glass to the irregularly-shaped cabinet in smooth spray paint finish. This cabinet was thoughtfully designed to not only provide extra space for display but also a niche for seating. 

Completing the warmly minimalist environment are carefully curated lighting and accessories in a Morandi colour palette sourced from overseas. Fresh plants and flowers are the final touches for a space that’s as restful to the eyes as it is to the soul - with every detail functional yet aesthetic.

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